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I turn 30 today, And lovin’ every minute

About Me

Colleen Schwarz is a jewelry designer and metal smith based in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. In 2014, She received her BFA in Metal Arts and Jewelry at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California. After receiving her degree, she continued her studies by working as a bench jeweler for many well known successful jewelers in the area, focusing on her techniques, design, and fabrication. Currently, focusing on her own jewelry line, Colleen Elizabeth Designs, she creates one of a kind custom floral gems. Each gem, conveys a personal message to the wearer, using the language of flowers and flower symbolism. The language of flowers, was a popular way of communicating in the Victorian era. Flowers were thoughtfully arranged into bouquets to send coded messages. Her designs are contemporary but also meant to take you back in time and be able to adorn yourself with a sweet message or reminder to yourself.

Artist Statement

I formed a love for making jewelry, through out my years of studying and creating sculpture. My work has evolved into something more then just creating beautiful, bold, unique pieces, but, creating with intention. I hold a great importance to the materials I use. My jewelry is made of recycled silver, botanical findings and scrap acrylic, otherwise known as plastic that could possibly end up in our ocean, harming the environment and marine life. I repurpose the material with intentions of taking what would have been harmful waste, and create something valuable and beautiful.  


Ethically Sourced and Mindfully Made

We care about the environment and create with intention, by practicing being a green studio. We try to leave the least amount of footprint as possible. Our packaging is eco friendly, everything is recyclable, biodegradable, and plantable! Care instructions and flower meanings are printed on seed paper. Not only do you get a beautiful piece of jewelry for yourself, but you also have something to give back to the earth! All the jewelry is made from repurposed materials, such as, recycled fine metals (sterling silver), scrap acrylic, scrap fabric, handmade paper, and botanical findings. 

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